Kuwait Shopping 3

A few days ago I went shopping for a cell phone after work.  I tagged along with one of my co-workers who knows the area well as she had to get a new purse.  It was in a shopping plaza / market area in a neighborhood just outside Kuwait City where you could purchase just about anything.  I turned around to come out of one of the crowded little shops in the shopping area and as I turned, there stood a female approximately 5ft. tall, fully covered in black, ninja clad pajamas.  She gently grabbed both of my arms and stated “Mista, give me money please!”  After doing a quick assessment and realized she didn’t have any wires or odd bulges coming off of her, I decided not to grab her arms and throw her to the ground.  I just stepped aside and quickly changed my location.  For a split second I thought I was going to go boom and had all I could do to keep from flipping on this woman.  Needless to say I had a surge of adrenaline bent on survival that I haven’t really felt since I left the ‘Stan.  It was a reality slap that I wasn’t shopping back in the states.  All my co-workers have informed me this area is very safe and haven’t had any issues.  Lets just say I’m not going to wander down some back alley late at night over here anytime soon.  

After growing used to the females in Afghanistan scurrying away whenever we came near, Kuwait is by far a different setting.  The women here appear to have more liberties even though they still dress (most of them anyway) traditionally.  However, they still aren’t on the same level with their individual rights as most modern western women.   It takes all kinds to make this world go ’round.

Live free or die trying.

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